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“In her novel ‘Kreisläufe,’ Scrima achieves everything a book can do, at least with me. Her call to ‘imagine this’ was so intense and worked its way through me to such an extent that, once I finished the book, I sat there somewhat stunned and began leafing back to revisit all the scenes I’d underlined and slip back under that warm blanket.”

Gallus Frei-Tomic on Kreisläufe.

Read it here (in German).

“Es gibt in der Literatur vielleicht nicht viele, die diese Bilder so detailgenau und mit so grosser psychologischer Tiefe nachzeichnen können wie Andrea Scrima.”

— Paul Jandl

“There are, perhaps, not many in the literary field as skilled at evoking these images and with as much precision and psychological depth as Andrea Scrima.”

— Paul Jandl